Our Projects

Contribute to the improvement of Socio-Economic Welfare of Teen mothers in Huye district

SET Project

KEEPCARE RWANDA in collaboration with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) funded by UNDP under the program of Strengthening CSOs for Responsive and Accountable Governance in Rwanda, is implementing Anti-SGBV, child protection and gender equality project, aiming at improving socio-economic welfare of teen mothers in Huye district. This project is targeting teen mothers, youths in and out of schools, men, women GBV Victims and local leader.


The project targeted both adolescent boys and girls in and out of school aged 12-17; teen mothers; mothers and fathers and local leaders. The people living with disabilities fitting in the targeted group will not be left out.

Expected outcomes

The project has two main outcomes are:

The project activities aimed at promoting positive masculinities, eradicating gender-based violence, psychosocial support to teen mothers, prevent inequalities between women and men in social, economic and political spheres and finally gender equality and social is a cross-cutting issue, projects also specifically focus on this area.