Keepcare Consult Ltd

Your Partner in Social and Human Development


Welcome to KEEPCARE CONSULT LTD, your trusted partner in social and human development. Established in April 2016 as a social enterprise and officially registered with the Rwanda Development Board, we have evolved into a full limited company committed to making a positive impact on society.


Identification of Keepcare Consult

Business Name


Type of activities

Social and Human health activities

Nationality of the tendered


Registered office

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Date of registration


Contact person:

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Managing Director


TIN Number

Registered under VAT


Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To be the most successful consulting company in Rwanda, emphasizing knowledge, effectiveness, reliability, and integrity. We contribute to our clients’ continuous development while aiming for our continuous improvement.


Company History

KEEPCARE CONSULT LTD originated from the challenges faced by KEEPCARE RWANDA NGO. Established as a social enterprise, we officially registered in April 2016. In December 2023, we transitioned into a full limited company, expanding our scope and enhancing competitiveness.

Business Consultancy

Our expertise lies in gender, social and human health activities. From gender analysis to policy development and capacity building, we offer a range of services. Our commitment to innovation ensures continual improvement in service quality.



Constantly investing in methodology and quality services, we go beyond our core expertise to explore advanced social and human health areas, creating new business activities.

What We Do

Our diverse services cover gender mainstreaming, health initiatives, education and training, social entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, and research and development.


Business Goals & Objectives

Confident in our strong background and clear vision, we aim to continue our development, delivering timely services with integrity and respect.


Growth Strategy

Utilising accumulated expertise and partnerships, we respond to contemporary challenges, providing expert solutions aligned with customer needs.

Business Services

From management consultancy to diverse business activities, we offer a range of services tailored to meet customer needs.


Quality Policy

Our services guarantee quality, backed by an integrated quality system certified by relevant service quality control organisations.


Business Competitiveness

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, flexibility, specialized personnel, and adaptability, we combine resources for successful project completion.

Management & Human

Resources Led by Managing Director Martin HABINSHUTI, our team boasts expertise in gender issues, training, research, health, and project management.

Past Experience

We have successfully collaborated with organizations such as WORLD VISION RWANDA, TROCARE RWANDA, and more. Our experience includes gender equality assessments, participatory action research, and facilitating training workshops.


As your dedicated partner, KEEPCARE CONSULT LTD is committed to fostering positive change and contributing to the continuous development of individuals, organizations, and communities. Join us in making a lasting impact on social and human development.

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