Our Programmes

Social Protection Programme

KEEPCARE Rwanda creates conditions to enable vulnerable teenagers to realize their aspirations and rights and allow them to thrive through the following 4 forms of intervention to deliver and ensure social protection:

KEEPCARE Rwanda’s interventions recognize the importance of education, gender equality (prevention of sexual Gender based violence), rights and protection of vulnerable teenagers.


KEEPCARE Rwanda ensures that vulnerable teenagers, especially those in poor households and unwed teen mothers, complete primary and secondary education and includes funds to support informal expenses associated with schooling, such as access to food, and a safe, caring and nurturing home environment. This social protection programme ensures the vulnerable teenagers’ right to education; although it recognizes that each individual context may affect her decision to continue her education.

Gender equality

The programme focuses on prevention and response to gender based violence through community sensitizations, increasing the awareness and knowledge on GBV and providing support to survivors. The cultural norms around gender equality also are key factors to cause problem with teenager girls; early marriage, teen pregnancy, school dropout, and of course gender based violence. KEEPCARE Rwanda provide more capacity building to increase the knowledge and skills around gender and behavior change.

Rights and protection

Teenage pregnancy is a big problem; the new born (kids) are sometimes not recognized by the fathers and rejected by their mothers. KEEPCARE Rwanda supports the unwed teen mothers to register their children at the civil status office and get birth certificates. The legal advocacy for recognition of the child by the father is done. Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors are supported to get legal support and the perpetrators are punished by the law.