Our Programmes

Psychosocial Programme

KEEPCARE Rwanda provides psychosocial support to place and maintain vulnerable teenagers (Unwed teen mothers, teen infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and survivors of violence) in stable and supportive family and community environments. Psychosocial care and support activities for vulnerable teenagers follow the principles of child and lifespan development. The factors of poverty, illness, conflict, neglect and abuse can all affect a teenager’s psychosocial wellbeing.

Teenagers may experience multiple mental disorders such trauma, depression and so on require counselling. Most of the vulnerable teenagers lost their parents, other experienced violence and exploitation, stigma and discrimination, isolation and loneliness, and lack of adult support and guidance. KEEPCARE Rwanda through this programme, provides counselling and psychotherapy to help the adolescents overcome these problems and restore life and self- esteem.


KEEPCARE Rwanda provides the following psychosocial Support Activities: