Our Partners

KEEPCARE Rwanda experienced different partnerships, including the Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Center, USAID, Africa International Club, the US Embassy in Rwanda/Department of State, Love Alive International, Kansas State University, Roh&Hennie Foundation, Women for Women International, UNDP, Rwanda Governance board (RGB), the National Women Council, and the Local Civil Society Network (Rwanda Men Engage Network). The partnership management was a lesson learned, as partners are managed depending on who they are. Working with the Ministry of Health was wonderful, as systems were operationalized from the central level to the community (community health workers). Policies were in place, HMIS was in place, and all health entities had access to that software, making it easy to get accurate data. Working with the Ministry required flexibility and patience, as guidelines from the central levels might come later or be controversial.

Another experience was implementing an USAID activity; they have standards, guidelines, requirements, systems, and preconditions to be fulfilled. This has made KEEPCARE to become the strong organization. The first grant agreement signed with USAID had around 290 pages, which was our first time signing that kind of agreement. Financial management procedures, a system of reimbursement after verification of financial documents, strong audits, capacity building of staff, and other factors made the organization experienced and improved in the management of funds. Monitoring, evaluation, and documentation of success were also taken from previous partnerships, which will help in this award. The experience of managing three years of USAID funds had strengthened the finance management systems and the capacity of staff.