Rwanda like many other countries in the world has been affected by COVID 19. Currently, over 70 positive cases have been confirmed and more than 600 people are suspected and have been isolated.

The government of Rwanda has put in place different measures on different levels to prevent wider spread of COVID 19 and combatting new infections. Initially; the government closed all Places of worship, schools and higher education institutions both public and private.

All employees were advised to work from home, large gathering like meetings, workshops were postponed, and unnecessary movement were restricted.

One week later, it was realized by the Government of Rwanda that more measures should be taken to strengthen the prevention of COVID-19 and these include; stopping unnecessary movements outside the home (STAY HOME), all employees shall work at home except those who provide essential basic services (health care), borders were closed including the airport, travels between different cities and districts in the country are not permitted, shops and markets were closed except food and hygienic stuff, motorcycles are not allowed to carry passengers, all bars are closed, and flights have all been postponed.

This situation is affecting people who survive based on daily earning from the casual work accomplished, most of them now have challenges of food, hygiene materials, water, wood, and so on to survive.

This report explains the current situation from the quick survey, faced by teen mother during this COVID 19 crisis. The survey explored different elements including, knowledge of COVID 19 preventive measures, implementation of those measures, prevalence of GBV, living conditions, income, psychosocial, moral and copying strategies to COVID 19 respecting all measures taken by the government. It also explains the level of engagement of teen mother to stop the spread of coronavirus, the recommendation for immediate intervention during this emergency.

The Following document is Survey on impact of COVID 19 crisis to teen mothers’ life

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