The sewing project started in November last year 2019 under support of HENNIE and ROB through WVVK from Holland. We have formed two classes of 20 girls. The first class started will finish the course program in June, and continue practices until December 2019.

The second class will start in June and continue until December 2019. Means each class will study 6 months and practices other 6 months.

It was a challenge to have two classes in parallel (one in Morning other in the afternoon). The girls suggested that they could not come in afternoon because they come from far better in the morning and close class at 2 PM.

The class study from Monday until Friday all 5 days from 9 am to 2 PM. We have decided to study every day so that in 6 months the finish the whole programme.


The first challenge was some girls who do not come every day to attend class. The trainer use the register every day to verify if girls attend all days, but because of some social problem some of them do not come all days.

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